5 Clues That She’s Really Cheating On You

she is cheating for sure

She’s Definitely Cheating On You

Is she having an affair or is it something else?

I love my wife with all my heart but sometimes she gives me reasons to doubt her loyalty to our marriage. We’ve been together for eight years, but even since we moved to Philadelphia last year for my job, I can’t help but wonder if she’s having an affair. I know that moving can be hard to get used to, and unlike her, I have friends here because of work. Since she hasn’t found a job yet, I don’t know whether or not she’s just depressed or if she’s having an affair with someone she met in Philadelphia while I’m at work.

She smells like cologne — She must be cheating

The other night when I got home from work, I could smell a manly musk off of her but instead of just asking her about it I asked her how her day went. She said that she went to the mall, did some shopping, and came back home but I don’t know why she would smell like that. I can’t shake the fact that she must be cheating but she has never been the cheating type and so I am a little more than confused. I know I should ask her about it but she moved her entire life to Philadelphia for me to land my dream job, and I don’t want to insult her.

How to know if she’s cheating: Get sneaky with it

Since I don’t want to ask her if she’s cheating on me, I decided to order a GPS tracker and put it in her car. I know it’s a sneaky way of finding out whether or not she’s cheating but I need to know — I love her. I’ve been tracking her activity for about two days now and she hasn’t gone anywhere but the corner store, mall, gym, and a park where she walks our dog. I’m starting to think that I may be paranoid that she is cheating but I’ll keep tracking her for a couple more days. I also can’t help but wonder if she’s already met someone and he is coming to our house to see her.

When you ask her if she’s cheating she starts acting like the victim

Last night when I got home from work my wife smelt like cologne again and I lost it. I accused her of cheating and told her why I thought so and she immediately started crying. I thought she was about to confess to cheating but she started acting like the victim instead, saying that she couldn’t find a job, was bored, had moved her for me, and smelt like cologne because she’d brought the dog to the groomers and they shampooed him. I smelt the dog to make sure, and the smells were compatible. I apologized to her and we talked things through.

She’s wearing new jewelry

Everything was fine until I saw her wearing a new necklace. I knew she hadn’t bought it for herself because she hated heart-shaped jewelry. Suddenly, I realised that my wife had never gone to the dog groomers (it wasn’t on the tracker), and that the only reason the dog smelt of cologne was because the man in question had been playing with it. I told her about it, she confirmed the affair, and I moved out the next day.