Spot Psychotic Women: Learn To Avoid Meeting Girls That Are Batshit Crazy!

acting jealousActing Jealous

Reading deeper into her online dating messages

Let’s face it, some women are just batshit crazy, and they are damn good at hiding it too. Some men have dated the same woman for years, only to find out that they weren’t exactly who they were pretending to be. If you want to stop yourself from meeting psychotic women while surfing through the internet, you need to know how to spot a crazy woman from a mile away. The first clue to spotting a crazy lady is to read deeper into her online dating messages. If you start chatting with a hot girl, and she starts trying to get you to feel bad for her — something is up. A normal girl wouldn’t want to disclose any personal information right off the bat, but a crazy one would want to lure in her prey. Crazy girls usually like it when people feel bad for them, or they simply like being the centre of attention. So use a girls online dating messages as a guide, if she starts telling you her life story before you even asked, get away as quickly as possible. Oh yeah, and don’t fall for her hotness, crazy women are usually as crazy as they are attractive — you’ve been warned.

Does she talk badly about her ex boyfriends?

A good way to know if you’re seeing a crazy girl is by paying close attention to how she speaks about her ex boyfriends. If she always has a bad thing to say, or if her past relationships all ended badly, you might be standing in close proximity to a crazy chick. Crazy girls usually go through their fair share of boyfriends, this is because it usually doesn’t take too long for men to realise that their new girl is a psycho. If your girlfriend has had a large number of ex boyfriends, but none of her relationships have lasted more than a year, it is probably because she is batshit crazy. Normal women tend to only have good things to say about their ex boyfriends. Sure, there’s a reason they’re no longer together, but they still might have ended it on good terms. Crazy women tend to burn all their bridges down when something doesn’t go their way, so watch out.

Social Media: Your number one tool in spotting crazy girls

When you start chatting with a hot girl from a hookup dating website, you need to keep in mind the possibility of her being absolutely crazy. If you want to find out if she’s crazy before meeting up with her, you need to add her on Facebook or Instagram and do some social media snooping. The best way to spot a crazy chick is by looking into her social media accounts, crazy girls can’t help but leave some clues behind, so it really won’t be hard. First of all, try to notice if the girl you’re talking to has any pictures with girlfriends. If she has a lot of girlfriends, chances are she’s not that crazy. However, is she hardly has girlfriend pictures and have an abundance of selfies, you might have caught yourself a wild one. To confirm your suspicion, see if she posts any inspirational quotes, or if she posts song lyrics with her selfies. If she does, delete her and forget this ever happened.

Noticing her bad dating habits

Noticing her bad dating habits can help you escape from a crazy girl before you’ve committed to her. Crazy girl bad habits include complaining, whining, always needing to be right, thinking about herself, being materialistic, and wearing too much makeup. Also, try to notice if she tends to inflate situations to make her stories sound better. She might actually be a pathological liar and you wouldn’t be any the wiser. Pay close attention to her stories, and try to pick up on her lies, before she has you twirled around her finger.

Is she acting jealous for no reason?

If you’re dating a crazy girl, chances are she’s going to get jealous for no apparent reason. She might even start crying out of nowhere the second something doesn’t go away. Acting jealous is a clear sign of crazy, especially if you’ve never given her any reason to get jealous. If you call her jealous, she might even try to turn it against you, or flirt with other men to make you jealous too. If she does this, go up to the man she’s flirting with and tell him he can have her, she’s freaking crazy anyways.