5 Telltale Signs That You Are Being Cheated On

telltale signsTelltale Signs They’re Cheating

He’s obviously cheating on you

Some cheaters are better at hiding the fact that they are unfaithful than others, but despite their biggest efforts to get away with cheating, it is usually pretty easy to bust them. If you believe that you are being cheated on, there are many different ways to find out for sure. If he’s obviously cheating on you, you probably already know about it but are just looking for proof. Luckily, there are some telltale signs that you are being cheated on that are very easy to spot out. The first and most obvious sign that your partner is cheating is that they look guilty. Most first-time cheaters end up experiencing guilt, and because of this guilt they’ll distance themselves from their lovers. If your lover has begun to act distant and weird, this might be a clue that he has cheated on you.

How to tell if they are cheating: Their sex drive has changed

When you date someone for a long time, you become accustomed to their sex drive. You know when they enjoy having sex and you know how many times a week they want to have it. So if you’re used to your man having sex with you a certain amount of times a week, and then all of a sudden they just stop trying to be intimate, this might be a sign that they are getting their sex from someone else.

They disappear for hours on end without explanation

One of the biggest signs that you are being cheated on is when your boyfriend starts acting like a magician and disappearing from the globe. When you’re in a relationship with someone, it’s common for you to know where they are at at all times. So when they start disappearing for hours on end and not telling you where they were, it is normal for you to start thinking that they are seeing someone else. If your boyfriend is disappearing for hours a day, a couple times a week, and he isn’t telling you where he is, he is probably at some other girl’s house in Quebec City.

They don’t answer their phone when you call

If you were born in the past thirty years, the chances of you having your phone on you 24/7 is pretty high. Since the entire purpose of having a phone is to be able to answer and call your loved ones, it is very strange when someone you’re dating isn’t answering your call or messages. If you don’t know where your boyfriend is, and he doesn’t answer or text you back for over two hours and he’s not sleeping, something is definitely wrong.

They never want to go out on dates or spend real time with you

When you’re in love with someone and dating them, you usually go out on dates and spend time together right? So if all of a sudden your boyfriend is flaking out on you, not taking you out like he used to, and is overall only seeing you when he has to, you need to accept that he’s seeing someone else. He might not be taking you out anymore because he’s spending his money on taking out another woman. If you want to find out more about telltale clues that he’s cheating, read another one of our guides on the subject.